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2020 Dry Rosé

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The 2020 Dry Rosé is a valentine's pink, bright and welcoming, with a nose of raspberries, strawberries and rose petals. The body is merry combination of roundness and lightness, the strawberries of the nose get dipped in a bit of fresh cream, and it feels like the wine itself is on a picnic. 

The grapes for rosé are among the very first picked, pressed, and bottled every vintage. It represents the first return on all the investment put in during the long fall and winter hours, so it is naturally joyful. Rosé is a wine that reminds us all that "nature's first green is gold". A wine that shine in the summer time like all rosés, but this one also has the guts to get you through the winter.

Vineyard Notes: 40% of the fruit was grown on Treleaven's estate vineyard with the other 60% managed by Hermann Wiemar at Serenity Vineyards.

Winemaker Notes: 2020 was an excellent growing year. A hot summer that nearly pushed into drought helped ripen the crop further and faster than usual while practically eliminating any disease concerns. When fall came and tempered the summer’s heat it remained dry, and any rains were often welcome, which helped stretch out the picking season. Fruit was picked at leisure as conditions allowed winemakers to decide exactly when they wanted to harvest and grapes were immaculate coming into the winery.

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Pinot Noir
Cayuga Lake
Residual Sugar
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