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2019 Blanc Ebullient - Bubbly

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Blanc Ebullient is an exuberant little bubbly wine here to make the good times better; the ideal aperitif or to pair with brunch and a celebration. A satisfying mousse of bubbles upon pouring, opening with a peachy almost tropical nose. The body is fuller than many of its compatriots and very clean and refreshing, finishing with the right mix of sweetness and acidity.

Vineyard Notes: The Muscat came from Sawmill Creek Vineyards on Seneca Lake, a dramatic 76 - acre farm that provides fruit for many of the best wineries in the Finger Lakes

Winemakers Notes: Chardonnay De Muscat, a subtype of Chardonnay known for its aromatics and distinct personality, is the clone we selected for form the backbone of this blend. Composed of 84% Chardonnay De Muscat, 9% Riesling 7% Pinot Gris.

Food Pairing Notes:  The perfect sipping bubbly for any Brunch! Bagels and lox, shakshouka, and steamed shrimp & shellfish. Prosciutto and melon.

Wine Specs
White Blend
Finger Lakes
Residual Sugar
Semi-Dry 2.5%
Alcohol %