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2019 Entelecheia Riesling

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Tasting Note: Very floral nose, pollen and waxy lemon. The palate continues the waxy lemon theme but adding peach and lime. It is a very textural, weighty wine for being light-bodied and low alcohol. The sweetness comes across first bringing roundness and body before the acidity washes it all away for a silken, lingering finish.

Summary: This wine is one half of a set. Siblings separated at birth, and this is the fruity, racy, thirst quenching sibling, and both wines are driven by small production that allows intense focus on every step of the process, greater creativity and obsessive quality. The name “the cabinet-maker” is a nod to the German style of Riesling known as kabinett which was the mode for this wine.

Everything about this Riesling is done with highest quality in mind. The vineyard isrecognized as a premier site for Finger Lakes Riesling; handpicking ensures we only get the cleanest, most perfect fruit; pressing is done slowly at low pressures to get the best juice possible; native yeast are used to give the wine intrigue and character; ample time on lees and in the bottle builds and expresses that character to the fullest. The small quantity of wine made allows us to focus at every step on making the best wine possible.


Wine Specs
Cayuga Lake
Harvest Date
11 months
Residual Sugar
27 grams
Alcohol %