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2019 Entelecheia Sekt

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Tasting Note: The bubbles are very fine and soft when first poured, the wine is straw-colored yellow and the balance is knife-like with the acid integrated beautifully into the wine. The palate is full of golden apples, whiffs of peach, and is very pure and long. The finish is seamless like polished marble.

This sparkling Riesling and the still wine are set of siblings. Be it brothers, sisters, or twins. They were picked and pressed together at the same time and then separated at birth. The first juice that comes off the press is the most delicate, acidic and pure. This is taken off to become this Sekt. The juice that comes next is rounder, more flavorful and expressive, and, that is selected to make the still wine. Separating the juice from the press into fractions allows me to drive style more precisely and make two exceptional but different wines from the same fruit!

Wine Specs
Harvest Date
10/2/2019 Lahoma Vineyards
40 months En Tirage
Bottling Date
Disgorged: August 2023
Residual Sugar
9 grams
Alcohol %