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2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

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This rare single vineyard vintage is from Sawmill Creek Vineyard. The nose abounds with dried flowers, rose petals, and violets but then also fresh fruits, dusky cherries, raspberries, currants. In the mouth, it is the silky, tightly woven texture that first seizes your notice, it is almost distractingly lovely. Only later do you recognize the fruits from the nose are back again, with an undercurrent of earth, and fallen leaves. The tannins are fine grained, and polished leading to a melt in your mouth finish where you swallow and can’t quite seem to figure out where the wine is gone.

Winemakers Notes: Fermented in tank in with twice-a-day pump-overs to maximize extraction and color while low temperatures helped promote and preserve fruit flavors, and then allowed to sit on skins after fermentation had finished for extended maceration to allow the wine to integrate and generate a fuller richer texture. Aged for 9 months in barrels to allow the wine to knit itself together at its own pace, and then held back for an additional 5 months in bottle to allow the wine to become more expressive.

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Cabernet Sauvignon
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