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2020 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

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In the wee morning hours of January 30th, harvest 2020 began. In clouds of frozen breath, we tromped through ice and snow. Exhorting both muscle and machine to move despite the temperatures, and slowly, slowly, the grapes came in. After several days of pressing, we were left with precious little golden juice. But harsh beginnings have brought sweet relief. May our labor sweeten your cup and strengthen your spirit.

Winemaker's Notes: Ice wine is usually harvest below 17 degrees Fahrenheit, between 14 and 12 see as ideal and it must retain that cold through the entire time grapes are being pressed. Ice wine is so sweet because all the water remains frozen at those temperatures while the sugars get pressed out of the grapes. Yields typically fall dramatically from what you would expect out of a table wine, which is a big reason ice wine is so precious. 

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Vidal Blanc
Cayuga Lake
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