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2021 Silver Lining Chardonnay

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The 2021 Silver Lining Chardonnay is a nod to our traditional unoaked Chardonnay from years past. This vintage is built around bright green apples on the nose, and a soft supple mid palate before a whisper quiet finish.

The 2021 Silver Lining is composed of 98% Chardonnay 2% Riesling 

Winemakers Notes: The Silver Lining was the original launching point for our Stainless Steel Series of wine. 2021 was a year that tested winemakers across the Finger Lakes, and there were many fears of a repeat of the miserable 2018 vintage early on, though luckily that did not come to pass.  2021 is defined by a large crop, thanks to a warm winter and solid flowering conditions, that the wet summer struggled to ripen and a stop and start harvest whose final jolting halt came at the end of October with a week straight of heavy rain. 

Food Pairing Notes:  A fan favorite for just about anything. We suggest chicken or grilled fish. Pasta or risotto with summer vegetables, and Simply Cookie's Aurora salad.

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