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2020 Ruby

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The 2020 Ruby is a light red with soft cherry notes and an easy-going nature. The alcohol from the spirit is not too forward, and the fruit notes from fermentation have been preserved to go along with the sweet and salivating palate. Made in the style of a traditional ruby port, with the fermentation stopped early to leave natural sugar and ensure extra fruit and aromatics than other styles.

Ruby is in many ways a throwback wine. Before the 1950s or so, if you wanted a sweet wine the only way to produce on reliably were to either make it with enough natural sugar remaining that nothing could cause it to referment, or to fortify you wine with spirits to ensure the alcohol was too high for anything to referment. Made in this second style with an unusual variety akin to what was growing here at the time, Ruby is a return to the past with a new and refreshing perspective. 

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